A short bio of how I got my start in the world of carpentry and steel

Hello all,

My name is Kevin Kirkham and I am a carpenter and a steel fabricator. I have spent the past seven years in Army Special Operations as an Army Ranger. During my time in special operations, I noticed that I had a talent for being innovative. Using this eye for simple innovation has allowed me to complete both jobs and missions’ countless times in special operations. After realizing I had this talent, I decided to put it to use whenever I had free time from the Military. During my last three years in the Military, I began to heavily focus on wood and metal working. 

Over the last three years, I discovered that I have a passion that runs very deep for creating new things and making things innovative. I had the mindset that I would be getting a desk job when I got out of the Military before I discovered this passion. Having a desk job is not a bad thing, it all comes down to what makes us happy and what we excel at. I found that I am not able to excel when I am sitting behind a desk, other people can thrive in that kind of environment. Luckily I have discovered what I excel at and how I can be successful at it while giving back.